S&W Model 2 SA .38 Baby Russian

Desirable Early .38 S&W 5-shot spur trigger Model 2 “Baby Russian” (with long ejector rod housing) revolver. This one has about 95% of its nickel finish. This is a single action-only model. This one won’t hold full cock, so it is being sold as “non-shooter.” The black gutta percha grip panels are both in excellent condition. One side plate screw is marred. Bore has Very Good rifling, and some frost in the grooves. I’d rate it 6/10. Serial # 703XX.  Note that since this is a black powder era S&W. So even if it is repaired, it would be safe to shoot only with very mild handloads. This revolver came from a ranch in north Idaho. (# BKL-572)





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$475.00 $425.00