.38 S&W

A classic Merwin, Hulbert DA revolver chambered in .38 S&W. This is a 5-shot double-action revolver with fluted cylinder, and round barrel. It has an unusual 5.5” barrel and even more unusual lanyard ring and skull-crusher pommel. It retains about 95% original nickel finish with just a few small scratches and spots where the nickel was rubbed off or flaked off. (See photos.) The patent date markings are crisp, so this does not appear to be have been re-nickeled! In very nice mechanical condition, with a very nice tight lockup and very good cylinder suction–making the cylinder feel “spring-loaded.” Indexes perfectly in both single-action and double-action modes  The loading gate and distinctive twist frame function perfectly. It has original factory black gutta percha grips that are in very good condition.  The brass front sight has no nickel–most likely from when the front sight was filed for zeroing.  The barrel has typical Merwin Hulbert markings, with the latest patent date in 1882. The cylinder and barrel have matching serial numbers. This revolver’s fairly low serial # (1996X) would indicate production before 1890.  (AGNS-822)

$89.00 (PRE-1965)

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless 3rd Model Double Action, chambered in .38 S&W.  This one is in nice condition. Has 98%+ original factory nickel finish. Good working mechanical condition. 3-1/4-inch barrel. Very nice original S&W checkered black gutta percha grips. Good shootable bore. (A gray bore with some pits, but distinct rifling.) Has checkered thumb cylinder release insert and screw missing–but it is still quite usable. Pre-1899 production. These make practical concealed guns. They can be quickly reloaded with standard J-Frame speedloaders. (HPEC-557-LTII).

$51.00 (PRE-1965)

A Merwin Hulbert chambered in .38 S&W. This is a 5-shot single-action revolver with spur trigger, scoop fluted cylinder, and round barrel. It has a 3.5” barrel. It retains 80%+ original nickel finish with just scratches and just a few small losses to the nickel. Some nickel losses and spotting on the backstrap. The patent date markings are crisp, so this does not appear to be have been re-nickeled. Has nice mechanical function with a fairly tight lockup. It has original “Dog’s Head” black gutta percha grips that are in very nice condition. Frame is marked Merwin Hulbert and the barrel is marked Hopkins & Allen — their sister company. This revolver’s low serial # (191X) would indicate early production, before 1885.  (CGUA-973)

$48.00 (PRE-1965)

A very scarce factory-engraved Merwin, Hulbert Medium Frame Double Action Pocket Model. This is a 5-shot double action model with a 3-1/2 inch barrel, chambered in .38 S&W caliber and manufactured in the 1880s. As you can see from the photos, it has a nickel finish, folding hammer spur, and mother of pearl grips. The grips are in excellent condition with brilliant colors and no chips or cracksHas 50% original nickel finish, with the balance in a pleasant gray patina. The action works as-new in double and single action, and it has considerable “cylinder suction”! The factory engraving is of the “punch dot ” style popular from the 1870s to 1900, and features an owl engraved on the left side. The bore is bright and shiny with sharp rifling and scattered light freckling. According to the Art Phelps book on Merwin, Hulbert guns, less than 2% of their revolvers were factory engraved.  This revolver came from a small town in Pennsylvania. Note that the cartridges and pistol stand pictured are not included. (ARYG-362)

$125.00 (PRE-1965)

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