Provisos & POlicies

Please take the time to read the important provisos:  At Elk Creek Company, all guns are sold “As-Is”: The pre-1899 guns that we sell are sold as collectible antiques, and are in “as-is” condition. They have not been tested for function or safety.  These guns are all now a minimum of 123 years old.  We aren’t Wal-Mart, selling brand new merchandise. It is your responsibility to have a qualified gunsmith perform an inspection, and certify all antiques before firing! Only a qualified gunsmith can determine if any antique gun is in one of these three categories:

A.) A non-shooting collectible wall hanger.
B.) Safe to shoot, but only with specially-loaded mild handloads.
C.) Safe to shoot with modern commercial smokeless loads.

We’re Not Liable: In no event shall Elk Creek Company, its officers, directors, employees and or other representatives be liable for any damages of any kind, including without limitation, direct, indirect, compensatory, special, consequential, punitive, and or incidental damages related to the products that we sell or trade. All firearms should be inspected by a competent gunsmith. All firearms parts should be inspected and installed by a competent gunsmith. Nor can Elk Creek Company be held liable if you use incorrect or unsafe ammunition. Nor are we liable for replacement or reimbursement of parcels that get lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.  You must buy insurance before shipment or contact us to make the requisite arrangements to do so, and reimburse us. We always get tracking numbers, but our shipping liability ends when your parcel is placed on the counter at the post office, UPS, or FedEx.

A Note on Our Descriptions: We make every effort to accurately describe all items offered for sale. However all items for sale are “as is,” and it is the buyer’s responsibility to take a close look at photos to see the exact condition of each item. We will not be held responsible for typographical errors. We do not make any guarantees, warranties, or representation expressed, or implied, in regard to the property or the correctness of the online store text or other description of the authenticity of the maker, physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, provenance (previous owners), exhibition, literature, accuracy or applicability of factory letters, historic relevance, or otherwise. No statement anywhere whether oral or written, shall be deemed such a guarantee, warranty or representation.

State & Local Laws: Laws change frequently.  Be sure to check your local and State laws before ordering! That is your responsibility.
Elk Creek Company cannot be held liable for your failure to comply with the laws in your locality.

Insurance: Shipping insurance is not included with our standard shipping rates. You must either select insurance in our shopping cart system or you must contact us to purchase insurance at the time you place your order. Once we drop off a package with the USPS or a common carrier, we cannot be held liable for uninsured items.

Limited Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 3-day non-shooting inspection period for a full refund of your purchase price of any complete gun, but not the shipping or postage costs for either direction.

Returns must be postmarked within three days of your receipt. We do not accept any returns of guns that have been damaged or altered in any way by customers. We grade our guns conservatively, and do our best to describe them accurately, so we get very few returns. We want you to be a satisfied customer, so that you will be a repeat customer!  We do not accept any returns on incomplete guns, receivers, or ammunition.  Call for a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, before mailing us a return, or it will be rejected and sent back “Return to Sender.”

Your Privacy:  Privacy is important to us. We will never sell your e-mail address, snail mail address, or phone number to anyone.

They Won’t Be Perfect

When buying pre-1899 guns, keep in mind that these guns are all now a minimum of 122 years old!  So they will not look like newly-made guns.  They will have dings, scratches, worn finish, age-shrunken wood, possible refinishing, and even brown patina or pitting. (Whenever you see the words “patina”, “frosting”, and “pitting”, then those are evidence that corrosion has taken place at one time.) The photo to the right shows a typical mixed brown and gray patina.

Our guns are priced according to both their relative scarcity and their condition. We are picky buyers, so that you won’t be disappointed.

If you want a perfect gun, then please go buy a new-in-the-box gun at your local Federally-licensed gun shop. (And fill out the Federal Form 4473 paperwork, and get the “Mother May I?” blessing of a FBI Background Check.) But if you want an antique gun with character, and you want to avoid unconstitutional paperwork, and you value your privacy, then buy from us, at Elk Creek Company.

Travel and Out-of-Stock Shipping Hiatuses

Important Note:  During the weeks that I travel in search of inventory or when our inventory gets low, I don’t ship any orders. That essentially means that we are in a “hiatus” mode. We can’s sell what we don’t have. Thanks for your patience!  (See our Planned Gun Shows page, for a calendar of my planned travel days.)

Our available guns

Mosey in to our store to see one of the best selections of Federally-exempt pre-1899 rifles, revolvers, and shotguns in the nation.

For pre-1899 Antiques, no FFL is required!