PolicIES and Terms

Payment Terms:

“Payment only via our web site shopping cart system, USPS Postal Money Order, cash, or silver.  Make USPS PMOs payable to Elk Creek Company.

Do you want to pay in silver? We currently accept circulated pre-1965-dated U.S. silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars at the generous rate of 12 times face value.  And we currently accept circulated U.S. silver dollars at the generous rate of 16 times face value. We also accept U.S. Mint Silver Eagle coins at 2% over the current day’s spot price, rounded up to the nearest ounce.  Silver coins should be tightly wrapped in a triple plastic bag and then taped to a large piece of cardboard so that they are rattle-free, and then mailed in sturdy box—preferably a small Priority Mail Flat Rate box. If you have any questions, then call for details.

Phone us, first! If you do not use our web site shopping cart system, then it is essential that you phone us to put any item “on hold” in your name, before you mail us your payment. Items will only be held for 14 days, while we await payment.


Order Cancelation


If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us by phone or e-mail as soon as possible. Orders cancelled prior to courier pick-up will be assessed a 5% administrative fee.

A 10% restocking fee will apply to any cancellation requests made after merchandise has been picked up by courier.

Shipping fees are non-refundable after order has been picked up by courier.

Our available guns and Accessories

Mosey in to our store to see one of the nation’s best selections of Federally-exempt pre-1899 Rifles, Revolvers, and Shotguns.
For pre-1899 Antiques, no FFL is required!