Iver-Johnson .38 DA Hammerless – Long Barrel!

A scarce special order style 6″-barrel Iver Johnson Arms Co. .38 S&W blued finish double-action hammerless (concealed hammer) First Model pocket revolver in very good condition. It has the longest barrel that I’ve ever seen on a Iver Johnson hammerless model. This model was a patent-infringing copy of the popular  S&W-made .38 revolver. It can be fired in only double-action (DA) mode. Has about 45% original blue finish.  Very nice condition owl’s head logo black gutta percha grips.  (See photos.) The barrel roll mark reads:  “Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works” and several patent dates ending in “96”. Functions well, with just a slight wobble after firing. The ejector does not pop down after opening, but it does drop as the action is closed. The bore has some light scattered pitting, but distinct rifling.  No visible serial number, so this may have been a prototype or a company employee “Lunch Bucket” take-home gun. This early First Model variant has the separate plate for the hammer shroud, so this is most certainly a pre-1899 antique. (ULS-306)






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