A scarce and very sought-after .38 S&W 5-shot spur trigger Model 2 “Baby Russian” (with long ejector rod housing) revolver. This one has 99% of its original nickel finish. This is a single action-only model.  This gun looks just about mint and appears to be unfired! (There are NO firing evidence marks or scratches on the backplate. The black gutta percha grip panels are both in excellent condition. Bore is perfect–also appears unfired. Serial #1959X.  This revolver came from an estate in Ohio. (# EIKS-573) Firm price: $3,750


A rare 5″ Smith & Wesson .44 Double Action First Model Revolver. Unusually fine condition, retaining 85% original blue finish with the balance thinning to a brown. 95% original case colors remain on the hammer and trigger. The frame pivot screw still shows a distinctive Electric Blue. The grips are also very fine with some minor handling marks and crisp checkering overall. Mechanically excellent. Inside of the right grip panel numbered to another gun. Matching serial numbers on the butt, cylinder, barrel, and barrel latch.  Serial # 272X.  It is very uncommon to find one of these in a blued finish, with a 5″ barrel. Consider the production statistics: Roughly 80% of this model were made with 6.5″ barrels, 15% were made with 4″ barrels, and the remaining 5% were made with 5″ or other barrel lengths. Also, consider that 90% of these guns were ordered with a nickel finish. To find a blued one in this fine condition makes it a quite rare gun!   (PBPC-418)  $2,850


Smith & Wesson DA .44-40, blued, with the scarce 4 inch barrel. (Most of these were made in nickel finish with 6.5″ barrels.) Has an early 4 digit serial number (989X) and high amount of original high polish blue finish with most blue loss and flaking to cylinder. There is unusually strong case coloring on the hammer and trigger. All screw heads are in perfect shape. The original black gutta percha rips have sharp checkering and no cracks. Barrel is shiny and has strong sharp rifling with just some small scattered areas of light pitting. Action is in good working order with tight lock up.  (ENII-444) $3,250


Scarce Smith and Wesson Double Action Frontier chambered in .44-40 Winchester. Here is another great “off the ranch” revolver, from north-central Idaho. Has a 6-1/2″ barrel, 1-9/16″ cylinder, fixed sights, DA/SA action, and original black gutta percha grips that are worn and faded to a pleasant chocolate brown. Single action mechanism locks back but the hammer will release with thumb pressure. Double action works well and locks the cylinder tightly. Bore shows light pitting but is bright, with good rifling. Serial numbers match on butt, cylinder, latch, barrel, and grips. Grips are also inscribed inside with the name “Sam Penny” on one side and “Lapwai, Idaho” on the other. Original nickel finish is only about 70% but the factory markings are clear. One grip panel has a chip, and there are some small indentations at the butt, where this revolver’s frame was apparently used at least once, to drive tacks. (So you can tell folks: “This gun is a tack driver.”) Please see photos for details. Manufactured between 1886-1898, with just 15,340 produced.  (The mast majority of antique S&&W large frame DAs were chambered in .44. S&W Russian.) This one falls in the middle of that range at #642X — circa 1892. EPLS-616)  Firm Price: $2,875


Rare antique Smith and Wesson New Model 3 Single Action in the unusual .44-40 chambering. Like many others, this one has had the barrel bobbed to 5-1/4″ length and a Lyman front sight installed.  The serial number is 201X, making it 1896 or 1897 production. The New Model 3 borrowed the barrel-mounted frame latch and rounded butt design from the S&W double action top break design. I was told that the original owner of this revolver was a trapper and lawman in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who carried this revolver in his official capacity. Most Model 3 SAs were made in .44 S&W Russian. But less than 1,000 of these were made in .44-40 and I doubt that there are more than a few dozen of those in good working condition, like this one. This revolver’s mechanical function is quite good. There’s one small area of pitting on the left side of the barrel, near the muzzle. (See photos.) The cylinder, chambers, and barrel are clean and free of rust.  This would make a fantastic SASS competition revolver, or just a practical shooter. (LUIU-468). Firm Price: $2,650


Nickel plated, 6″ barrel chambered in .44 Russian. Pinned full radius front sight with “V” notch rear sights. Two piece black gutta percha grips, checkered with diamond and S&W monogram. Serial # 2143X. Comes with a Smith & Wesson archival letter dated June 23, 2006 and signed by S&W Factory Historian Roy G. Jinks. Letter documents the revolvers’ correct configuration and shipment to Hartley & Graham Co., New York City, New York on April 22, 1887. CONDITION: Very fine overall with 60-70% original nickel with scattered areas of brown patina. Bore is fine and bright with light pitting. Action is tight and crisp. Grips are excellent showing just modest wear. (ECCU-447)  $2,495

$2,495.00 $2,425.00

Scarce S&W First Model .44 Russian Double Action.  4-1/4″ Barrel. Serial # 1825X. (Pre-1899.)  In overall good condition, but with little original blued finish remaining.  (See photos.) Grips are in good condition, with some wear and scratches. I have not yet checked this gun for mechanical or bore condition.  (IUUF-544) $1,475

$1,475.00 $1,375.00

S&W .38 Single Action Second Model Revolver.  Serial # 1610X.  (Made circa 1888.)  3-1/4″ barrel. Only about 40% original nickel finish, and nice grips. I bought this gun in Illinois. Action needs repair–cylider does not advance when cocked. Note that since this is a black powder era S&W, so it would be safe to shoot only with very mild handloads, even if repaired. (CPR-038)  $725

$725.00 $675.00

Scarce S&W .44 Russian Double Action First Model with Roy Jinks–signed S&W factory letter. Serial # 394X. The factory letter confirms it was shipped on July 31, 1883, to M.W. Robinson in New York City in the current configuration. Poor exterior finish, but good mechanical condition. Grips are in fairly good condition, with slightly worn checkering. Left grip had a chip at the base (shipment damage), but I was able make a neat Krazy Glue repair, to return the chipped pieces to their places, so it now looks fine. See the photos that were taken before that grip repair. (CGPR-044)  $1,500


S&W .38 Single Action Second Model Revolver. This is a very nice example of the scarce 5-inch barrel variant in nearly excellent condition. Has 97% + nickel! Nice mechanical condition. Serial # 9998X. Note: This model was produced from Manufactured in 1877-1891, so that serial number places it around 1885. (LUU- 552)   $995

$995.00 $925.00

Scarce S&W .44 Russian Double Action First Model Revolver with pearl grips and Factory Letter.  Serial # 3321X. The factory letter lists this revolver as shipped on April 16, 1896, to Latimore & Co. with a 6 1/2 inch barrel, blue finish, and hard rubber grips. (It now has mother of pearl grips.)  I have not yet checked this revolver for bore condition or mechanical condition. (KUUG-550) $1,675


Desirable Early .38 S&W 5-shot spur trigger Model 2 “Baby Russian” (with long ejector rod housing) revolver. This one has about 95% of its nickel finish. This is a single action-only model. This one won’t hold full cock, so it is being sold as “non-shooter.” The black gutta percha grip panels are both in excellent condition. One side plate screw is marred. Bore has Very Good rifling, and some frost in the grooves. I’d rate it 6/10. Serial # 703XX.  Note that since this is a black powder era S&W. So even if it is repaired, it would be safe to shoot only with very mild handloads. This revolver came from a ranch in north Idaho. (# BKL-572) Firm price: $475

$475.00 $425.00

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