Very Rare S&W First Model of 1891 .22 Single Shot Pistol

A Smith & Wesson First Model of 1891 single-shot .22 rimfire pistol with British proof marks!. This is one of just 862 that were manufactured between 1893 and 1905 — making it truly very rare.¬† (Serial #: 1556X, so this was manufactured circa 1895.) Some of the parts for these pistols interchange with S&W double-action top-break revolvers. It is estimated that less than 50 of the 8″ barrel length pre-1899 examples have survived, worldwide, and of those, perhaps only a handful have British proofmarks. Condition is Antique Excellent, with a remarkable amount of original factory nickel finish, with flaking losses mainly on the barrel from holster wear. (See photos.) Has scarce original¬† S&W gutta percha two-screw target grips that are in remarkably good condition for their age. Original factory target sights.¬† Included is a very quaint period leather locking flap holster with the tooled initials “M.L.P.” on the flap. I’ve never seen one of these in such great condition! (ECLE -221)





Production Date

ca. 1895


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