Scarce S&W Schofield SA .45 S&W Re-Issue Top Break Single Action

A very scarce new-in-box S&W factory, Schofield Single Action Top Break Revolver. Chambered in  .45 S&W Schofiled. Unfired. Blue finish, walnut grips. 5″ barrel. These beautiful S&W factory reissue revolvers were true to the original. Their frames were produced in small numbers by S&W only in the year 2000, and the revolvers were sold in the short-lived “Heritage Series”, only from 2000 to 2003. Serial # WFE001X.  (In the first 20 produced!) Includes matching serial number box and paperwork.  Important note:  No FFL required. Because .45 Schofield ammunition is no longer factory produced, this revolver is considered a Federally-exempt “antique”.  Per Title 17, Chapter II, Subchapter B, part 478, a replica is considered “antique”  if it: “Uses rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition that is no longer manufactured in the United States and  that is not readily available in the ordinary channels of commercial trade…”  For this same reason, if purchased for shooting, this revolver is recommended only for someone who handloads.  All of the other Schofield revolver replicas now on the market (such as the Cimmaron) are chambered in .45 Colt.  In contrast, this revolver physically cannot chamber the longer .45 Colt cartridge! (PPBI-917)




Schofield SA

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