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Winchester M1887 12 Gauge Lever Action Riotgun in very good condition. Has a 20” fluid steel barrel with 2-9/16″ chamber and a very good bore. Overall nice wood with lacquer finish. This is a lever-action, magazine-fed, shotgun. Brass bead front sight. Metal has a blue/brown patina. The receiver has WRA logo and shows some original case hardening. Walnut stocks with steel butt plate. Has a very pleasant and honest-looking mottled patina. Manufactured circa 1888. Serail number is 1894X.  Note that Kent brand 2-1/2″ shotgun shells from England are now widely available in the U.S., and very reasonably priced. Kent makes a very mild 2-1/2″ load that is perfect for older shotguns with fluid steel barrels. (PMAA-887) $2,550


Scarce Colt Model 1883 Hammerless Shotgun, 12 gauge.  Serial # 426X. Manufactured in 1889. 26-7/8″ barrels with solid rib. 2-3/4″ chambers, modified/improved cylinder chokes, and 14 1/4″ LOP. Overall good condition.  With its Damascus steel barrels this gun is being sold as a non-shooter, unless Savage Four Tenner (.410 gauge) inserts, Chaszel 20 gauge inserts, or other inserts are exclusively used. (CGPC-133) $1,325

$1,325.00 $1,275.00

Scarce Colt Model 1878 Hammer Shotgun, 12 gauge.  Very low serial # 232X. 28-1/2 inch barrels with solid rib. Manufactured in 1880. 2 3/4″ chambers, modified/modified chokes, and 14″ LOP. Overall good condition. With its Damascus steel barrels this gun is being sold as a non-shooter, unless Savage Four Tenner (.410 gauge) inserts, Chaszel 20 gauge inserts, or .410 inserts are exclusively used. (CGPC-132) 925



L.C. Smith Grade OO Double Shotgun, 12 Ga. with 2-3/4″ chambers.  Nice tight action.  Has gorgeous shiny bores. 30″ barrels with solid rib and full chokes, 2-3/4″ chambers with extractor, and 14 1/8″ LOP. Receiver still shows considerable original color casehardening. Serial # 3870X. Since this has Damascus steel barrels, it is being sold with the understanding that if it is fired with modern shotshells that chamber inserts must be used. (Made in 1894. No FFL Required.) KLFB-223  $1,225


Unusual factory re-built L.C. Smith Model O 12 gauge double barrel shotgun. Built in 1896, this gun was originally equipped with Damascus barrels. It was either delayed from sale or went back to the factory for Armor Steel barrels–that were not available until 1898. These Armor Steel barrels are properly serial numbered to the original receiver and foreend iron–so the barrel change was almost certainly done by the L.C. Smith factory. The 29″ barrels are uncommon, but were an available option to guns returning to the L.C. Smith factory for re-barreling. Close inspection of the muzzle and chokes indicate that these barrels were originally built 29″ long, not cut to 29″. Locks up tight. Both barrels have good bores. Choked modified and full. No dents, bulges, splits, cracks, or gouges. Has very little case color remaining. At some point there were European-style sling swivel installed and later removed. Overall this gun is in exceptional condition for its age. Since this is an extractor gun (rather than an ejector gun), it is suitable for using a variety of subcaliber chamber inserts, such as those made by Chaszel and Chiappa. (NMRF-084) $1,775


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