Winchester Model 1887 12 Gauge Lever Action Shotgun

Winchester M1887 12 Gauge Lever Action Shotgun in very good original condition. Has a fluid steel barrel with 2-9/16″ chamber (will NOT accept 2-3/4″ shells) and a very good bore. Overall nice wood with just typical dings – quite nice for its 135-year age. This is a lever-action, magazine-fed, shotgun. Brass bead front sight. The receiver has WRA logo. Walnut stock with steel butt plate.  This gun has approximately  80% bluing remaining — possibly an older reblue — with substantial  bluing wear on the buttplate, action high points, lever, and the grip (tang) area. (See photos.) The stock and forend are dark walnut and have a lacquer finish. The action seems to work properly.  The hammer holds full cock, but the trigger pull feels quite light — perhaps only 2 pounds. All of the model 1887 shotguns were manufactured pre-1899. Serial number 737X — thus it was made circa 1889.  Note that Kent brand 2-1/2″ shotgun shells are now fairly widely available in the U.S., and very reasonably priced. Kent makes a very mild 2-1/2″ load that is perfect for older shotguns with fluid steel barrels. (NSKG-889)





Production Date

ca. 1889


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