Ultra-Rare Colt New Service – First Year! .44-40

Ultra-rare Colt New Service .44-40 revolver, with 6-shot swing-out cylinder. First year of production (1898)! Only the first 250 were made in 1898–of more than 900,000 produced—and hence are legally antique. This revolver’s blue finish appears original, but is now mostly patina. Bluing is present only on trigger and ejector rod. Right grip has a large chip at the heel. Both of the black gutta percha grips have evenly mellowed to a chocolate color. Bore has very good rifling, with some very noticeable pits at mid-bore that probably won’t affect accuracy. I’d rate the bore at 5/10. This revolver came from a ranch in eastern Washington. A pair of pre-medallion Pachmayr grips are also included. (EPLR-081)



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