An Authentic Colt Whitneyville Hartford Black Powder Series .44 Caliber Dragoon Revolver, Blued/Engraved/Brass/Case-Hardened/Nickel, with matching Colt Black Powder Series box. 7.5-inch round barrel. Finish blue is blued and color casehardened, with a nickel-plated backstrap. Walnut grips. Serial Number: 1172X.  Very Good condition, in Colt factory box. (EUNE-470)

$46.00 (PRE-1965)

An Authentic Colt Black Powder Series .44 Caliber Dragoon Revolver, Blued/Engraved/Brass/Case-Hardened, with matching Colt Black Powder Series box. 7.5-inch round barrel. Finish blue is blued and color casehardened. Walnut grips. Serial Number: 3590X.  Excellent, in box. (EUNE-469)

$51.00 (PRE-1965)

An Authentic Colt Black Powder Series .31 Caliber Baby Dragoon Revolver, with mismatched Colt Black Powder Series box. 4-inch octagonal barrel. Finish blue is blued and color casehardened. Walnut grips. Serial Number: 1704X.  New in box. The cylinder appears to be un-turned! (KCL-031)

$23.00 (PRE-1965)

US Navy Colt model 1889 .38 double action revolver. Revolver features blued finish, walnut grips, and matching serial numbers on frame, cylinder release lever, barrel and crane. “C” inside star ( A.P. Casey– A Colt Sub-Inspector) inspectors mark stamped on left side of frame above grip, on crane, and bottom of barrel. “T” in triangle stamp on cylinder release lever. Bottom of barrel reads: “3567,” “P,” and “C” inside star. Bottom of right grip panel stamped with illegible marking, appears to read: “ISI.” Barrel address reads: “Colt’s PT. F.A. MFG. Co. Hartford CT USA Patented Aug. 5. 1884. Nov. 6. 88. Mar. 5. 95.”  With the “95” patent date, it is likely that this revolver was re-arsenalized by the U.S. Navy, and a new barrel installed. The U.S. Navy purchased 5000 of these revolvers, serial numbers in that order ranged from 1-5000. This serial number is “3567.” No visible import markings. Note: The gent that I bought this from described it as a “.38 Special”, but I have not yet checked ut to see if it was altered to .38 Special, or if it is still chambered in .38 Long Colt. Barrel Length: 6″.  Serial Number: 3567 | Condition: Very good. Bright bore, with good rifling and some oxidation marks. Metal surfaces show approximately 80% original finish, with some holster wear, and surface scratches. Grips show some handling wear. Mechanically excellent. (EBCS-397)

$89.00 (PRE-1965)

Just Arrived: Colt Model 1892 6″ .38 Long Colt R.A.C.-Inspected, Circa 1893!  The serial number of this early Colt swing-out cylinder revolver is 472X, placing its date of manufacture around 1893. Has US inspector’s marking R.A.C. (Rinaldo A. Carr) on both frame and cylinder. Has correct 2 line barrel address with last patent date “95”. Above-average two-piece smooth walnut grips (standard U.S. Army issue, for that vintage) with no inspection cartouche visible. The grips are very good with no cracks or material loss. Revolver remains in good condition with over 60% finish on the frame with losses mostly at grip straps. The bore is lightly frosted, with over 40% finish on the barrel’s exterior. The cylinder latch is un-numbered, apparently a Colt-made aresenal replacement. Very nice mechanical condition in both single-action and double-action modes.  The sides of the trigger still have lots of original fire blue. This is a nice, honest, unaltered early example that likely saw service in the Spanish-American War.  (EUAP-771)

$86.00 (PRE-1965)

Scarce Colt Model 1883 Hammerless Shotgun, 12 gauge.  Serial # 426X. Manufactured in 1889. 26-7/8″ barrels with solid rib. 2-3/4″ chambers, modified-right/improved cylinder-left chokes, and 14 1/4″ LOP. Overall good condition.  With its Damascus steel barrels this gun is being sold as a non-shooter, unless Savage Four Tenner (.410 gauge) inserts, Chaszel 20 gauge inserts, or other inserts are exclusively used. I’ve test-fitted a pair of Savage Four Tenner inserts, so you can be assured that this gun is a good candidate for use with such inserts. Note that I have a pair of used Savage Four Tenners available — for an additional $180. (CGPC-133)

$57.00 (PRE-1965)