A rarely-seen original Mauser model 1893 cavalry saddle ring carbine chambered in 7x57mm Mauser. This Chilean contract carbine is not import marked. It was manufactured by Loewe in Berlin in 1894 as evidence by the very faded but still visible crest. Has all matching serial numbers except the cocking piece. The rest of the carbine is serial marked A640X. The wood is about as good as I’ve ever seen on an original cavalry carbine. The metal shows plenty of wear from use, but not abuse. The action and safety function fine, and the trigger pull is typical for a Model 1895. The bore is dark but it still has plenty of rifling and no significant pitting. (CAA-999)

$68.00 (PRE-1965)

A scarce Spanish-American war vintage M1893 Mauser from the Oviedo, Spain Arsenal, made on Mauser-supplied tooling. Receiver ring is clearly dated 1897. Has the correct Model 1893-pattern square-bottom bolt.  Chambered in 7×57 Masuer. It is difficult to find these rifles in all-original condition. This is a full-length infantry Mauser with 28″ barrel.  Serial #  B786X. It is unusually nice condition with just a few scattered stock dings. The metal finish has largely faded to an even grayish patina.  There are a few pits on the exterior of the barrel, right at the wood line. Bolt has a matching number but the stock, triggerguard, and floorplate are un-numbered.  There is one small patch of rust at the top of the buttplate. The bore is has darkened a bit, but it has good rifling and looks quite shootable.  This would make a great display piece to hang next to your Spanish-American war vintage Krag!  (APGN-165)

$59.00 (PRE-1965)

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