Winchester Half-Magazine M1886 .45-70 — Made in 1895

SOLD to F.B.: A fully-serviceable Winchester Model 1886 lever-action rifle in .45-70. Serial # 9705X. This was a rifle that went back to the factory for re-barreling. It was fitted by Winchester with a replacement Winchester round barrel in .45-70, and a plain trigger. The factory letter states that serial number applied on January 8, 1895 and lists the rifle’s original features as an octagon barrel in .40-82 caliber. The letter also records “received in warehouse on February 6, 1895,” “to Russ,” “shipped from warehouse on June 1, 1895, order number 12941,” “received in warehouse on November 26, 1900,” and “shipped from warehouse on November 27, 1901, order number 124232.” A nice, affordable antique M1886, chambered in a practical cartridge that is still factory-made. (EIPN-886-LTII)





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