A Merwin Hulbert chambered in .38 S&W. This is a 5-shot single-action revolver with spur trigger, scoop fluted cylinder, and round barrel. It has a 3.5” barrel. It retains 80%+ original nickel finish with just scratches and just a few small losses to the nickel. Some nickel losses and spotting on the backstrap. The patent date markings are crisp, so this does not appear to be have been re-nickeled. Has nice mechanical function with a fairly tight lockup. It has original “Dog’s Head” black gutta percha grips that are in very nice condition. Frame is marked Merwin Hulbert and the barrel is marked Hopkins & Allen — their sister company. This revolver’s low serial # (191X) would indicate early production, before 1885.  (CGUA-973)

$1,225.00 $1,050.00

A scarce original Remington Rolling Block saddle ring carbine. These were made in the 1880s and early 1890s primarily for use by foreign cavalry units. Round steel barrel with a pinched blade front sight. “FP” stamped on top of the barrel. The “FP” may refer to Fuerzas Armadas del Perú (Peruvian Armed Forces.). The rear sight is missing. The original blued finish has worn to a patina in most areas. The saddle ring and bar on the left side of the receiver are intact! (These carbines are often found with the saddle ring and bar bent, incomplete, or entirely missing.) Typical Remington pre-1895 patent markings on the tang. No visible serial number. Straight grip hardwood stock and forearm, with the original curved steel buttplate. The metal retains very little of its original finish with patina and some minor pitting on the metal surfaces. Stock is fair with numerous dings, scratches, and gouges. And there are some dark stains that give the stock a lot of “been there” character. There is a  chunk missing from the left side of the handguard, in front of the band. The bore is frosted with dull rifling. Mechanically fine. These carbines often saw very rough service, so very few survived, and even fewer came back to the United States. This carbine’s barrel length is a handy 20-1/2″. Chambered for the widely available  .45-70 Government. This would make a great display or reenactor gun, or it could be a fun project gun for re-barreling. (ILK-843)

$975.00 $925.00

Model 1884 Trapdoor Saddle Ring Cavalry Carbine .45-70,  in overall good condition.  22″ barrel. Has typical stock dings for a 130+ year gun.  This appears to be a correct original carbine rather than a cut-down rifle. Rear sight is correctly marked “C” for carbine. Serial # 39257X. Made in 1888. (PEHN-185)  $2,100

$2,100.00 $1,950.00

U.S. Springfield Armory 1884 Trapdoor Rifle, chambered in .45-70. Serial # 52516X.  Standard 32-5/8 inch round barrel. Good overall condition, with typical stock dings. Given its high serial number, it was likely produced in 1887 or 1888–just before introduction of the Model 1888. Has the desirable Buffington adjustable sight. The bore is far above average for a blackpowder-era rifle. The rifling is sharp and defined. The bore is not truly “shiny”– it is more “shiny-gray.” There are signs of just VERY slight pitting in the grooves –almost imperceptible. The trapdoor release lever has a slight wobble (typical), but the action is tight. The hammer click stops are all there — and crisp and solid. The trigger let-off is typical military weight, but crisp. I could only find one spot of finish pitting, and that is at the top-rear of the buttplate. There is only one significant stock ding, below the rear sight on the left side. Except for the top of the rear sight, which looks more shiny, the finish wear and patina all over this rifle is uniform, so this appears to be an unaltered rifle–although it may have gone back to the arsenal once early in its life. The cleaning rod shows little wear, so it mat have been replace or refinished. The cartouche box is visible, but faint. It seems to have been worn off in carry, rather than sanded off. All in all, this is a nice honest Trapdoor.

This is a nice, original unaltered rifle that would make a good representative sample for a collection, or a practical shooter. (PEHN-184) $1,475

$1,475.00 $1,175.00

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