Mark Ployhar Custom Remington #1 Rolling Block .45-70 Rifle

A very handsome #1 Remington Rolling Block rifle, re-worked by master gunsmith Mark Ployhar of Spokane Valley, Washington, circa 2018. Typical federally-Antique Remington pre-1895 “three line” patent markings on the tang, partially buffed off. No visible serial number. This rifle started out its life as a typical military contract 7×57 Mauser, but now looks nothing like that! The stock, forend, and barrel are all new.  The gorgeous wood appears to be high-grade walnut with some very nice swirl and cross-grain figuring, and with a nicely-fitted ebony foreend. The grain is straight in the tang area — which is crucial in a big-bore rifle. (See photos!) The desirable #1 action was expertly refinished and looks almost like new, with a deep rich blue.  The barrel is a modern draw-filed medium-heavy contour octagonal.  The bore is bright and shiny. Mechanically fine. Has a flip-up fully adjustable disk rear sight and a flip-up target front sight.  Chambered for the widely available .45-70 Government cartridge. This would make a great hunting or target rifle.  Single-shot rifles customized Mark Ployhar often sell for $2,800 to $3,500. (PNRL-457)




Rolling Block

Production Date

ca. 1890, ca. 1895


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