Very Rare 1898-Dated Swedish M1896/38 Mauser Short Rifle

A very rare 1898-dated Carl Gustaf Swedish M1896/38 short rifle arsenal conversion Mauser.  This one is dated 1898 — from the first year of production.The barrel is 23.5″ –which was standard for the Swedish M1896/38 and the M38. This rifle’s serial number is 17X, so it probably came from the first few weeks of production.  It has mixed serial numbers, which is typical of rersenalized Swedes. (Has a matching number on the Receiver, Bolt Handle Knob, Safety Lever, Striker, and the Butt Plate. The rear barrel band is stamped “649”. The floorplate is un-numbered. The serial number is also on the bolt body, however it has been arsenal restamped. (“Force matched”.) The receiver (near the serial number) has an “O.G.” inspector’s mark stamped. The receiver is marked “Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori” and above that is a large Swedish Crown crest stamp. Has a small, unobtrusive “CAI ST ALB VT” import on the barrel mark beneath the cleaning rod. The metal finish is excellent with 99% bluing. The wood shows wear from use and handling. There are just two noticeable wood flaws: a gouge in the wood just forward of the front band, and two dents at the left side of the wrist. (See the 60+  detailed photos.) The action is smooth. The trigger pull is crisp. The front sight is standard trapezoidal blade. The rear sight is the adjustable ladder type. The bore shows good deep rifling that does reflect light, but there are some spots of corrosion. This variant is very rare–and in fact much more rare than an 1898-dated Swedish carbine.  It is very hard to find a Model 1896/38 conversion that is dated 189 8– and hence Federally-exempt. (NBHN-038)





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