Carl Gustaf Arsenal

An 1898-dated Swede Carbine from the Carl Gustaf arsenal that has a matching #s on buttplate, bolt, receiver, and floorplate, But the bolt’s cocking piece sleeve number are mismatched. (Receiver, bolt, buttplate, and floorplate have serial # is 531X, while the front band is #124, and the  bolt sleeve is # 20.  The bayonet lugs have been neatly removed, and the front metal re-blued. This little antique carbine has good bluing, a good shiny bore, and distinct rifling. There is some nice cross-grain tiger striping in the butt. The original stock disc has been replaced with a plain, un-marked zinc disc. The original leather sling keeper is in place. (EMLK-230)  Price: $1,295


Scarce Swedish Mauser M1894/14 Carbine. dated 1898. Low serial number 53X – making it one of the first ones made at the Carl Gustaf arsenal. Still in original military configuration, with a fairly dark walnut stock stock, and fair bore. 98% blue –likely refinished. Has a “S” brass tag affixed to the top of the stock, indicating that this was a Swedish militray training gun. Leather sling keeper buckle is intact, but has no sling. 1/2″ barrel extension shows that it is a pre-1968 import. Has no import marks. (EEPK-090) Firm price: $1,350


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