Swedish M1894/14 Carbine – Dated 1898

A scarce original Swedish M1894/14 carbine, 6.5×55 Mauser, that is unmolested. (The vast majority fo these that were imported were sporterized.) Serial #  337X. Dated 1898. 6.5mm Swedish, 18” barrel with a very good bore. This is a Carl Gustaf arsenal-made carbine that has the modified 1914 pattern nosecap with bayonet boss. It is clearly dated 1898 on the receiver ring!  The metal retains 90%+ of the arsenal finish. The serial numbers on the receiver, bolt, and cocking piece all match, but the number on the floorplate is mismatched.  (See photos.) The walnut stock and handguard are in good shape with typical small handling marks and scattered blemishes. The only detractor is that there is a round inlet in the stock for its original brass disk, but it is absent.  (Replicas and originals and their brass screws are easily found on eBay, and quick and easy to put in place.)  (EUIP-655)





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