I recently found this nice Swedish M1894 6.5×55 Sporter languishing on a dusty rack in a small town gun shop. It is in a Bishop walnut sporter stock, and equipped with an original Lyman-made ghost ring receiver sight.  Although presently set up for snap shooting, the Lyman sight is threaded for whichever diameter insert you’d prefer — for more precise shooting. (Those inserts are widely available on eBay, very inexpensively.)  It has a checkered Williams brand ramp front sight with a faux ivory bead. This carbine is in very nice shape overall. There is some minor thinning of the bluing on the barrel, but the rest of the finish is excellent. The stock has a dainty profile and is also in excellent condition–showing just a hint of handling wear since it was sporterized. (Apparently, it has had very little use, since then.) The Oberndorf Mauser-marked receiver ring is clearly dated 1895–confirming its pre-1899 bona fides. The visible serial numbers all match. There is a small, tasteful white diamond inlay on the left side, 1960s-style quick detachable sling swivels (inexpensively replaceable if you’d prefer a more contemporary style) and a hard black plastic Bishop logo buttplate with a white spacer. (Again, easily replaceable, if you prefer a recoil pad.) The bore is fairly shiny and has nice sharp rifling. This would make a great little deer hunting gun for anyone who is recoil shy. Or it could be camouflage dipped to turn it into a Federally-exempt practical self-defense carbine. (GBCU-891)

$1,550.00 $1,450.00

A Swedish M1894/14 carbine, 6.5×55 Mauser, that is nearly complete. Serial #5842. Dated 1895. 6.5mm Swedish, 18” barrel with a very good bore that has some minor freckling within the grooves. This is a Mauser Oberndorf-made carbine that has the modified 1914 nosecap with bayonet boss, and pre-’68 barrel extension fitted with glue (the screw holes are vacant and the wood is untouched beneath) that has run onto the barrel band as well. The metal retains about 60-70% of the original blue finish, with the balance faded to mottled, pewter gray. The non-matching numbered bolt has some of the original armory bright finish peeking through darker freckling on the bolt body and handle. The walnut stock and handguard are in good shape with numerous handling marks and scattered blemishes. There is a brass rack number disk on the comb of the buttstock: “106”.  The only major detractor is that it is glaringly missing its sling retainer. But I’m also including a new original Swedish ordnance spare leather sling retainer that I obtained in Sweden for you to retrofit. It can be attached with two very commonly available brass wood screws. (See photo with green background, in the gallery.) Because this carbine is missing its foreend screw and has mismatched numbers, I’ve priced it low. This carbine can certainly be used as-is, but it is also a good candidate for polishing and restoration. (CBIH-1894)

$1,425.00 $1,295.00

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