S&W Double Action Frontier .44-40

A scarce Smith and Wesson Double Action Frontier chambered in .44-40 Winchester with some Nez Perce Indian tribal history. Here is another great “off the ranch” revolver, from the Nez Perce Reservation in north-central Idaho. Has a 6-1/2″ barrel, 1-9/16″ cylinder, fixed sights, DA/SA action, and original black gutta percha grips that are worn and faded to a pleasant chocolate brown. Single action mechanism locks back but the hammer will release with thumb pressure. Double action works well and locks the cylinder tightly. Bore shows light pitting but is bright, with good rifling. Serial numbers match on butt, cylinder, latch, barrel, and grips. Grips are also inscribed inside with the Indian name “Sam Penny” on one side and “Lapwai, Idaho” on the other. Original nickel finish is only about 70% but the factory markings are clear. One grip panel has a chip, and there are some small indentations at the butt, where this revolver’s frame was apparently used at least once, to drive tacks. (So you can tell folks: “This gun is a tack driver.”) Please see photos for details. Manufactured between 1886-1898, with just 15,340 produced in.44-40.  (The mast majority of antique S&W large frame DAs were chambered in .44. S&W Russian.) This one falls in the middle of that range at #642X — circa 1892. (EPLS-616-LTII)





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