S&W .44 DA First Model Owned by Montana Sheriff Dr. Joseph Kumpe

Smith & Wesson .44 Double Action First Model Revolver with Factory Letter and Holster Rig Attributed to Montana Lawman Dr. Joseph Kumpe. Made in 1882. This revolver came from the John Fox collection. The included factory letter states that this revolver was shipped on July 17, 1882 and delivered to M. W. Robinson of New York City. We know from signed letters from one Miller Hansen that the revolver came to him from a family friend in 1925, Dr. Joseph. M. Kumpe. Kumpe was born in La Grange, Alabama and studied medicine at the Alabama Medical College, and in 1882 moved to White Sulfur Springs, Montana. There, he practiced medicine and was elected to the position of Meagher County coroner, and upon the death of the Sheriff, he was appointed to that position as well. During this time he carried out the duties of both offices. Kumpe was involved in the hanging of Henry Herbert Metzger, a murderer and subject of the article “The Strange Sombrero” from the “Pacific Northwest Quarterly” published in 1945. Kumpe is pictured in the article pronouncing Metzger dead after the hanging. Kumpe passed away on August 3, 1905 in Meagher County and was survived by his wife and three children. The revolver shows standard markings including matching serial numbers on the barrel latch, barrel, cylinder, and butt. Includes a period holster rig set up for a left-handed draw and containing 34 .44 Russian cartridges in the belt. The revolver and holster rig were reportedly used by Kumpe during his term in office as sheriff. There is also included a dossier binder of information on the revolver and the history surrounding it, including the aforementioned letters, photocopies of “The Strange Sombrero” and Kumpe’s obituary, contact prints of photos of the Metzger hanging, among other information.  CONDITION: Very fine, showing 70% plus original nickel finish. There is some hazing of the nickel in areas as well as some very mild scattered oxidation. Nearly all of the blue remains on the trigger guard and 60% dull case colors on the hammer. The holster rig is also very fine with light use/storage evidence. A great piece of Montana history! (UABP-826)




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