Sporterized 1898-Dated Oviedo Mauser M1893 Short Rifle

AWARDED to Tom V. — Writing Contest Prize 2 Aug 2021: A hard-to-find Oviedo arsenal Spanish Mauser M1893 Short Rifle dated 1898 that was sporterized.  This handy rifle is in very good condition and chambered in 7x57mm Mauser. The stock forend has been shortened. Typical for sporters, it had its stock sanded and re-stained, leaving it a dark walnut color with some residual dark marks and just a few small dings, and two large but lightly-scratched initials that should be easy to remove with some sanding.  These initials  would also be covered if you simply have the rifle camouflage dipped.  Has a 23″ M1895/16-pattern stepped Spanish military barrel with original military front sight. (So, apparently, this went back to the arsenal, at some point.) The bore condition is difficult to judge, because it was blued, but it has very distinct rifling.  It may end up fairly shiny, after shooting. The receiver has 98% of what appears to be a recent re-blue. Thankfully, the receiver was not heavily buffed, leaving a quite legible date. The triggerguard and floorplate have 80% of the arsenal black enamel finish. The buttplate is mottled and shows traces of pitting.  The receiver ring is quite clearly dated 1898, right on the receiver ring, leaving  ZERO possible confusion on its antique status, for any future contact with authorities! (See photos.)  The rear sight elevator has been replaced with a sporter rear sight. The receiver and barrel numbers match, but the bolt number is mismatched. The receiver serial number is E932X.  All-in-all, this is a nice “shooter grade” re-blued Mauser sporter with iron sights and a handy barrel length.  Also included is a modified canvas and leather sling in fair condition, as pictured. This would be a good candidate for turning into a scout rifle, with a forward scope mount, and a recoil pad. (UEL-279)





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