Scarce Colt M1878 DA – .44-40

Scarce Colt Model 1878 double-action .44-40 with 5-/12″ barrel. Loads from a side-loading gate, like a Colt SAA. The included. Overall good condition. This was originally a nickel-plated revolver but most of the nickel has worn off to a fairly even gray patina.  There is nickel plating intact in a just a few sheltered areas. Has worn but serviceable black gutta percha grips that look original. Has a factory lanyard ring.  I’m also including a more modern (“antiqued”) leather buscadero holster with a silver and turquoise belt buckle. (See photos.) This revolver is a good candidate for restoration, but it is fine “as-is”, as a practical shooter. It functions well in both single and double action and both the loading gate and ejector work fine. It has considerable wear, but it is a nice old honest-looking Colt. This gun came from a farm in Wisconsin. (HNCC-584) Price: $1,675





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