Rare Colt Lightning .44-40 Saddlering Carbine — British Proofed

A rare Colt Lightning medium frame pump-action Saddle Ring Carbine (SRC) in the much sought-after .44-40 Winchester chambering.  Has a British-proofed barrel and receiver! Many of the Colt Lightning carbines that went to England ended up in Africa or in India, with British colonials. This gun appears original, and unaltered! It has that honest look. The saddle ring is intact. The blued finish on the left side of the receiver shows a lot of wear from the saddle ring rubbing, indicating that it was carried extensively on horseback. That is a key indicator of colonial use. Serial #: 6133X. Manufactured in 1891. Has 20″ round carbine barrel and a full-length 12-round magazine. Wood is in fairly nice shape. Has about 50% original bluing on the receiver, but less on the barrel and magazine tube — which again is typical for horse scabbard-carried guns. Mechanically sound, but since this is a blackpowder era gun, it should be inspected by a qualified gunsmith, and then, if approved, fired only with mild handloads. (PPRU-103-LTII).









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