SOLD — Carl Gustaf Arsenal M1896 – Camo. Scout with Vortex FH

SOLD —  Scarce and Unusual Carl Gustaf arsenal Swedish Mauser Scout Sporter, 6.5×55 Mauser.  Sporter style bolt. Barrel shortened to about 22 inches. Vortex flash hider. (Muzzle is threaded 1/2″ x28.) Custom forward (Scout style) Picatinny XS Clifton scope mount with throw-lever quick detachable rings. The action, barrel and scope base were Parkerized and then camouflage dipped– both professionally. The stock is also Spring Mothwing digital camouflage dipped. Custom forward scope base, with 1″ rings. XS Clifton backup iron sights with ghost ring rear sight. An inexpensive IJK Optics long eye relief 1-4X scope is included. Choate Dupont Rynite stock. Receiver dated 1898. This was a custom build that I commissioned, back in the 1990s. It has been in my personal collection, since then. I recently had it camouflage dipped. This little rifle is the best of both worlds: A modern Jeff Cooper style Scout, but built on a Federally exempt pre-1899 Mauser action!. (CFLM-097) Firm price: $2,100




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