Fully-Refurbished Colt M1873 Peacemaker (1893) in .38 Special

A fully-refurbished Colt M1873 Peacemaker rechambered in .38 Special. This revolver has had the cylinder and barrel changed to accommodate .38 Special!  Serial # 10098X places its date of manufacture circa 1893. Colt checkered black gutta percha grips are in good condition, showing just modest wear. Great mechanical condition. Has a nice bore with crisp rifling. Has a 5-1/2″ Colt factory-marked barrel with blued finish. The barrel’s markings indicate that it is a Third Generation Colt factory-made barrel. Excellent 99% rich blued finish, with hammer correctly left in the white. The outstanding condition of this revolver and the “spare no expense” quality of the professional refurbishment are immediately apparent. (See photo.) Has just a light cylinder drag line. Since .38 Special is so commonly available, this makes a very practical yet Federally-exempt revolver. (PINE-380)





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