Factory Nickel S&W .44 DA First Model — First Year, Gorgeous Condition

Smith & Wesson .44 Russian Double Action First Model Revolver. Condition is truly excellent, with 99% original nickel finish. The hammer, cylinder release, and trigger are all 99% blue.   Note: These may have originally been color casehardened, so they might have been refinished. This is an exceptionally high condition revolver! It has a very low serial number of 48X. This makes it from the first year of production — 1881.  The numbers match on the frame and cylinder. The inside of the left grip panel is also factory scratch-numbered to the gun. The original nickel finish still retains a brilliant mirror shine throughout. The bluing on the trigger, trigger guard, and hammer are in equally high condition. The photos really speak for themselves on this one and with only very light and scattered handling marks the finished rates a solid 99%. The action cycles perfectly both in single and double action. It is perfectly in time, even on a slow cock. The lock-up remains tight. The cylinder face and chamber area are very clean. See the 34 detailed photos to appreciate the condition of this revolver. The bore is completely smooth and is mostly dull. The exterior of the grips remain in very high condition and they only show some light fading. Although not visible from the front there is evidence of a repair on the back of them. It is very difficult find such an early S&W D.A. in this condition! (EANI-333)




First Model

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