Colt Model 1892 6″ .38 Long Colt Army, R.A.C.-Inspected, Circa 1893

Colt Model 1892 6″ .38 Long Colt R.A.C.-Inspected, Circa 1893!  The serial number of this early Colt swing-out cylinder revolver is 472X, placing its date of manufacture around 1893. Has US inspector’s marking R.A.C. (Rinaldo A. Carr) on both frame and cylinder. Has correct – line barrel address with last patent date “95”. Above-average two-piece smooth walnut grips (standard U.S. Army issue, for that vintage) with no inspection cartouche visible. The grips are very good with no cracks or material loss. Revolver remains in good condition with over 60% finish on the frame with losses mostly at grip straps. The bore is lightly frosted, with over 40% finish on the barrel’s exterior. The cylinder latch is un-numbered, apparently a Colt-made arsenal replacement. Very nice mechanical condition in both single-action and double-action modes.  The sides of the trigger still have lots of original fire blue. This is a nice, honest, unaltered early example that likely saw service in the Spanish-American War.  (EUAP-771)





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