Chilean M1895 Mauser 7×57 Sporter – Early DWM

A sporterized Chilean contract Model 1895 DWM  7×57 Mauser rifle with a handy 22″ barrel. Good overall condition. Made in late 1897 or early 1898. No import mark. Mismatched serial numbers. Curved sporter bolt handle. Crest has been polished off. The bore is bright, with sharp rifling.  It successfully passed a butte-tip muzzle test. As is typical of sporters of the 1960s, The rifle’s original wood has been shortened, and refinished. The buttplate is intact but could easily be replaced with a rubber recoil pad — or just use the Tourbon leather slip-over recoil pad that I am including. Most of the metals has been sanded, in preparation for refinishing. (See photos.) Serial number A648X indicates that it was made soon after Ludwig Loewe was merged into DWM in 1897.  This very affordable sporter is a good candidate for scoping — either a traditional receiver mount or forward scout mount.  B-Square makes an affordable scout mount that drops into the M1895 rear right dovetail.  Metal refinishing options include rebluing, camouflage dipping, or just painting —  if you are on a budget. (PER -757)





Production Date

ca. 1897


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