Chilean M1895 DWM Mauser 7×57 Rifle

A Chilean contract Model 1895 DWM full-length 7×57 Mauser rifle. 28″ barrel. Near excellent overall condition with 90%+ original arsenal blue. Made in 1898. No import marks. Serial numbers mismatched to receiver—typical of early rifles that went back to the Chilean for arsenal re-build. This rifle likely started out with a straight bolt, but was retrofitted with a cavalry-syle bolt. Chilean crest is intact on receiver ring. Cleaning rod is present but number is mismatched. Bore is bright, with sharp rifling.  The rifle’s wood and metal show typical service wear. (See photos.) The stock shows a faint cartouche.  Serial number L69X.  A good representative example for any collection, and reasonably priced  And, since the numbers are mismatched. one could justify turning it into a sporter. (PNI-527)





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