Chilean Loewe M1895 Mauser 7×57 Sporter in an Archangel Stock

A sporterized Chilean contract Model 1895 Ludwig Loewe 7×57 Mauser with a modern 24.5″ taper sporter barrel in an adjustable length of pull Archangel black polymer combination Model 95/98 stock. Overall very good+ overall condition. Receiver serial # B122X, so it was made circa 1896. No visible import marks. The curbed (short rifle-style) bolt has mismatched serial numbers.  Curved short-rifle bolt handle. The Chilean crest is intact but softened by buffing. The bore is bright and shiny with sharp rifling — possibly unfired. It easily passed a butlet-tip muzzle test. This rifle has no iron sight and has not yet been drilled for a scope — so you can take your choice of receiver-mounted rings or a barrel-mounted base and rings to make it a scout sporter. The stock has a fixed 5-round magazine and looks about new with just a few handling marks. The stock’s buttpad has a wide range of adjustment for length of pull. The receiver appears to have been reblued, but the bolt hand looks a bit rough and could use some buffing.  The bluing is quite nice on the barrel. A Timney adjustable trigger has been installed.  Looking at the value of the parts: Receiver @ $275, sporter barrel @ $190, stock @$185, and Timmney trigger @$150, it would be very difficult to replace this rifle in its current condition for less than $800, even without the cost of barrel installation.  All that you need to do is have a scope mount, rings, and scope installed by a gunsmith, and you will have a tack-driving Federally-exempt hunting or counter-sniper rifle! <UIP-832>





Production Date

ca. 1896


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