SOLD – Chilean Contract Loewe Mauser M1895 Short Rifle — Very Good Condition

A very good condition Chilean Contract Loewe Mauser M1895 Short Rifle.  This handy rifle (with 23.5-inch barrel) is chambered in 7x57mm Mauser. It looks all original, as rearsenalized. The bore is dark and in need of cleaning, but it shows distinct rifling and it might  clean up, with some scrubbing. It successfully passed a butlet-tip muzzle test.  The serial numbers are mismatched, as is typical of rearsenalized Chilean rifles. The cleaning rod is absent. The reversible sling swivels are mounted on the left side. The stock has typical light dings.  The serial number is B149X, indicating that it was made in late 1895.  All-in-all, this is a nice rearsenalized Mauser with a handy barrel length.  It is a good representative sample for any collection, but also would make a good practical hunting rifle. Because it has mismatched numbers, it would also be a good “guilt-free” short rifle to turn into scout sporter, and/or to refinish with Cerakoting or camouflage hydrodipping. (PKS-327)





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