Very Rare Oberndorf C.96 Broomhandle Mauser Pistol Made in 1897!

PENDING SALE to D.W. –– A very rare Oberndorf C.96 Broomhandle Mauser, chambered in .30 Mauser.  Its serial number  (443X) places its date of manufacture in 1897! (All Broomhandle Mausers with serial numbers below  15,000 are pre-1899 production and hence Federally exempt.)  This pistol is in “antique fine” condition, with about 80% original bluing. It is only mechanical fault is that the safety lever hesitates to go on “safe” unless the hammer is pulled back beyond full-cock. (That should be adjusted by a gunsmith.) But once it is in the “safe”  position, it does function as designed. Has correct original 32-line grips, for its vintage. The grips are in nice condition. There is a dent in the rowell hammer that makes it out-of-round on one side (see photos), but otherwise no significant dings or dents. The serial # is correctly matching all over the pistol, in at least five places.  Small-rowell hammers are rarely seen on early C.96 pistols — as most were either large-rowell or “conehammer” type hammers. Has the standard top-loading 10-round magazine. Nice shootable bore. The correct original lanyard ring in place, and it is still round. There is beautiful electric bluing still visible on the trigger (traces), extractor, and rear sight spring. Also included is a contemporary blond wood replica stock-holster with leather harness. Finding an original pre-1899 C.96 in this condition is a real rarity! (EBLS-896)





Production Date

ca. 1897


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