Black Cerakoted Chilean M1895 7×57 Mauser Short Rifle

A freshly black-Cerakoted late B-series prefix Chilean 1895 Mauser Short Rifle, Serial # B997X.  (Dates to late 1895 or early 1896.) Chambered in 7×57 Mauser. 23.5” barrel, hardwood stock, inverted ”V” front sight and an original graduated 1400-meter rear sight, with un-numbered cleaning rod. Marked on left side receiver rail ”MAUSER CHILENO MODELO 1895 MANUFACTURA LOEWE BERLIN”. Worn unreadable crest on the receiver ring and left side buttstock. Mismatched numbers on bolt (off by 8 digits) and floorplate. Condition overall is nice with 100% flat black Cerakote finish on the metal, showing a trace of cleaned old pitting on the bolt under the Cerakote. The freshly-refinished wood shows a lot of character. The serial number was re-applied to the wood. I had both the wood and metal refinished at great expense. The stock was not over-sanded. Action is smooth and the bore is quite nice with distinct rifling. has left-side sling swivels typical of Chilean rifles issued to infantry and artillery. No visible import marks, so this appears to have been imported before 1968. This would make a great hunting or “sport utility” gun, given its all-weather Cerakote protective finish. (EPYA-897)





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