SOLD — Colt M1892 .38 Long Colt — First Year!

SOLD — Colt Model 1892 .38 Long Colt “New Army & Navy” First Issue, first year of production, with a very low serial number — number 80! 6-shot swing-out cylinder revolver, 4 ½” barrel. Nickel Finish. (Possibly re-nickeled.) Hammer and trigger are gold washed (that finish is thinning.) Good mechanically. Bore has Very Good rifling, with minor pitting. I’d rate it at 7/10. Nice grips with one very small chip. I found this great old revolver languishing in a pawn shop in Florida. I’m also including a very nice pre-War tooled right-hand leather belt holster (floral pattern, with nice contrast) that fits it well. (BCL-501) Firm Price: $875




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