Scarce Remington Rolling Block .45-70 Saddle Ring Carbine

A scarce original Remington Rolling Block saddle ring carbine. These were made in the 1880s and early 1890s primarily for use by foreign cavalry units. Round steel barrel with a pinched blade front sight. “FP” stamped on top of the barrel. The “FP” may refer to Fuerzas Armadas del Perú (Peruvian Armed Forces.). The rear sight is missing. The original blued finish has worn to a patina in most areas. The saddle ring and bar on the left side of the receiver are intact! (These carbines are often found with the saddle ring and bar bent, incomplete, or entirely missing.) Typical Remington pre-1895 patent markings on the tang. No visible serial number. Straight grip hardwood stock and forearm, with the original curved steel buttplate. The metal retains very little of its original finish with patina and some minor pitting on the metal surfaces. Stock is fair with numerous dings, scratches, and gouges. And there are some dark stains that give the stock a lot of “been there” character. There is a  chunk missing from the left side of the handguard, in front of the band. The bore is frosted with dull rifling. Mechanically fine. These carbines often saw very rough service, so very few survived, and even fewer came back to the United States. This carbine’s barrel length is a handy 20-1/2″. Chambered for the widely available  .45-70 Government. This would make a great display or reenactor gun, or it could be a fun project gun for re-barreling. (ILK-843)




Rolling Block

Production Date

ca. 1890


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