1895 Chilean Mauser 7×57 Short Rifles — Freshly Reconditioned!

We recently obtained the last nine available original 1895 Chilean Mauser short rifles that were professionally restored by Navy Arms, using the original 19th and early 20th Century techniques for arsenal reconditioning. Every part on every gun has been hand-cleaned and lightly polished to bring the metal back to as close to its factory original finish as possible. The wood has been lightly re-sanded, stained, and oiled. All of these short rifles are in 7mm Mauser (7×57) and have bores that show wear and light pitting. Numbers are mostly mismatched. All guns are complete, including original muzzle covers. While these won’t have the same collector’s value as all-original examples, they still look great and are fully functional. These rifles have stocks with cracks, handguards with cracks, or minor hand-fitting scratching. These have a variety of original stock sling cut types, sling swivel types, and muzzle cap types. These have a handy overall length of 42″. Sorry, no hand-picking is available. You will get “the luck of the draw.” All have the standard short rifle bent bolt, rather than the straight bolt used on most  Chilean infantry full-length rifles. These are mostly marked “Loewe, Berlin”, but a few will be DWM production from the very early DWM serial number groups. (IBA-845)
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