A nice S&W .32 S&W 5-shot exposed hammer nickel-plated exposed hammer revolver with 3-1/4″ barrel. Serial # 16778X.  (Made pre-1897.) Very good mechanical condition with a fairly tight lock-up. Works fine in both single-action and double-action modes. Matching numbers on frame, cylinder and barrel. Bore has strong rifling, and plenty of shine. Has nice original S&W logo checkered gutta percha grips with fairly sharp checkering and no cracks or chips. Has about 80% original S&W factory nickel finish witha few losses mainly on the right side. Oddly, the hammer, trigger, appear to be blued, rather than color case-hardened, so they may have been refinished. The top latch, hammer, trigger, and triggerguard bluing are all 99%. This would make a nice Federally exempt concealed carry revolver. (URFM-816)

$35.00 (PRE-1965)

An original Third Model .32 S&W Safety hammerless (“Lemon Squeezer”), made circa 1896. The action locks up fairly tight and functions and operates beautifully. Has 50% original factory blued finish.(See photos.) Serial number 8668X.Has original checkered black gutta-percha grips that show slight wear, and no fading, but the right grip panel has a typical non-threatening chip at the heel pin. The bore is shiny with nice rifling!  It appears that this revolver was carried a lot, but shot very little. This would make a great Federally exempt concealed carry pistol.  (UGPM-811)

$30.00 (PRE-1965)

A Smith & Wesson .32 S&W Safety Hammerless (“lemon Squeezer’) First Model -Engraved, with period ivory grips.  This is a dandy little .32 in its original un-numbered factory burgundy box that is in nice condition! These were manufactured from 1888 to 1902. This one is from an early series. (Serial # 5755X  — so circa 1892.) The ivory grips are in excellent condition, showing just minor age discoloration.  This revolver has 50% original nickel finish with a nice even pattern of thinning, mainly on the barrel. The period engraving is floral pattern on the barrel, top strap, frame, and even the cylinder. Excellent mechanical condition. Bore is quite nice, mostly shiny, with quite distinct rifling.  All-in-all this is a dandy S&W that is both collectible and shootable.  (EMPK-408)

$82.00 (PRE-1965)

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