Winchester M1887 12 Gauge Lever Riotgun

SOLD — Winchester M1887 12 Gauge Lever Action Riotgun in very good condition. Has a 20” fluid steel barrel with 2-9/16″ chamber and a very good bore. Overall nice wood with lacquer finish. This is a lever-action, magazine-fed, shotgun. Brass bead front sight. Metal has a blue/brown patina. The receiver has WRA logo and shows some original case hardening. Walnut stocks with steel butt plate. Has a very pleasant and honest-looking mottled patina. Manufactured circa 1888. Serial number is 1894X.  Note that Kent brand 2-1/2″ shotgun shells from England are now widely available in the U.S., and very reasonably priced. Kent makes a very mild 2-1/2″ load that is perfect for older shotguns with fluid steel barrels. (PMAA-887) $2,550





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