Fine Condition Winchester M1886 .45-90 – Made in 1891

A fine condition Winchester Model 1886, .45-90, made in 1891. This rifle is unaltered and is in excellent condition for its age. The barrel length is 25.5 inches. All markings are crisp — does not appear to be refinished. The bluing is fading to brown on the magazine tube. Elsewhere it is 95%. Action is tight. Holds quarter-cock properly. The sights look original and are in nice condition. The stock and forend are excellent, with just minor handling marks. The bore is quite nice for a black powder-era rifle, with some shine, good rifling, and just minor pitting. Includes a Cody Museum Records Office half-sheet “Show Short Form” that includes these details:

  • Serial # 5192X
  • Serial # Applied 2-2-1891
  • Rifle.
  • .45/90
  • Oct. Barrel
  • Plain trigger
  • Date shipped: 7-15-1892
  • Order # 1279

This is about as nice and honest as a Model 1886 can be found! (BMYR-362)





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