Unusual 7.62mm NATO Arsenal-Converted Loewe Chilean Mauser

An unusual 7.62mm NATO arsenal-converted Ludwig Loewe Chilean contract Mauser. (Originally a 7mm Mauser, but went back to the arsenals for re-barreling in the 1960s.) Serial # E846X makes its date of manufacture circa 1897.  Metal surfaces rate very good, with crisp factory markings and an intact Chilean crest. Has extensive marring and handling marks to wood. Bluing is nice overall, except for the face of the bolt stop. (See photos.) Has a “7.62 N”-marked receiver. Standard infantry pattern bolt. Less than 2% of Chilean Mauser full-length rifles were arsenal-converted to 7.62mmm NATO. Have a gunsmith check this rifle and advise you on the types of ammo that are safe to shoot.(KIB-101)





Production Date

ca. 1897


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