Uberti IACP 1981 Stainless .44 Model 1858 Remington Revolver

A scarce engraved commemorative Uberti .44 percussion stainless steel Model 1858 revolver, produced to honor members of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). This unusual and hard-to-find revolver is in like-new condition. The cylinder appears to be unturned! Has serial number under grips and underside of barrel. With display case, powder flask, bullet mold, percussion cap tin, lead round balls, and nipple tool. Marked “IACP 0879 of 1000” on butt, and “International Association of Chief’s of Police”. (See photos.) Serial #: 62X. This would make a great gift for any current or retired chief of police —  or just consider it a particularly nice shooter. American-made .45 Colt conversion cylinders are available via mail-order from a number of vendors for this Uberti model. (IBU-473)





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