Turkish M1893 Mauser 8x57mm Mauser – Ankara Arsenal Rework

A M1893 8x57mm Mauser from the Ankara Arsenal, made on Mauser-supplied tooling. All Turkish Model 1893s are antique, and their rearsenaiiztion does not affect their Federally-exempt status.  This one was re-heat-treated and re-barreled with an 8×57 Mauser barrel in 1939. This is a full-length infantry Mauser with 28″ barrel.  Serial # 1FX3508X.  Prominently import marked on barrel near the muzzle. It is in unusually nice condition for a Turkish rifle, since these typically saw many years of very hard use in the field. The metal finish has largely faded to a fairly even gray and gray-brown patina.  The serial numbers are mismatched, as is typical with rearsenalized Turkish rifles. The bore on this rifle is surprisingly bright with good rifling and looks quite shootable.   (ZZZZ-894)





Production Date

ca. 1896


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