Stevens .22 New Model Second Issue Pocket Rifle — 10″ Barrel

A scarce caliber .22 rimfire  Stevens New Model Second Issue Pocket Rifle.  Serial # 1085X places it around 1890. Bbl. Has a 10″ round barrels with octagonal shank and thinning blue finish. Combination globe front sight with “Hunter’s Pet”-style vertically adjustable folding leaf rear sight. Nickel finished medium-sized brass frame with sideplate, mushroom style release button, bushed firing pin & linkage operated extractor. Spur trigger in conjunction with a very nice screw-fastened nickel finished finger curl trigger guard. Two-piece rosewood grips. Butt has slotted cap for stock attachment. Frame, bbl. & stock have matching numbers. Estimated production 15,000, from 1875-1896. Includes an 11 1/2″ nickel finished detachable iron shoulder stock. The stock is in exceptionally nice condition, considering that these were usually just very thinly nickel plated.  The action and stock retain 80% nickel showing spots of flaking & wear. Barrel retains 50% dull faded blue with cleaned area of pitting along the left side. Grips show slightly worn finish. Bore has slightly-darkened appearance with intact rifling showing moderate wear. All in all, a dandy little Stevens. These ones that are Federally antique are difficult to find. The ATF has exempted all Stevens pocket rifles from the barrel length restrictions of the National Firearms Act of 1934.  (EURA-645)




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