Sporterized Chilean Contract Loewe Mauser M1895 Short Rifle in 7.62mm NATO

A very good condition Chilean Contract Loewe Mauser M1895 Short Rifle that was sporterized and scoped to turn it into a practical deer rifle.  This handy rifle is chambered in 7.62mm NATO The stock has small dings. and four names lightly scratched into the stock. (These should be easy to remove, with sanding.) The bore condition is difficult to judge, because it was blued, but it has distinct rifling.  It may end up shiny, after shooting. This rifle has 99% of what appears to be a recent re-blue. (See photos.) Numbers are mismatched. Cleaning rod is absent. Bolt has been reprofiled, but the safety lever is unaltered. See-through scope rings have been installed. (The original iron sights can also be used.) Tasco 3-9X scope in nice condition with dual-x crosshairs. A Realtree pattern camouflage two-loop nylon sling has been installed. The serial number is B628X, indicating that it was made in early 1895.  This is a nice re-blued Mauser sporter with a practical scope in a great caliber with a handy barrel length. It would look fantastic if the stock were refinished or replaced.  (UBS-271)





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