Spectacular Ultra-Minty H&R Model 1-1/2 .38 Rimfire SA Revolver

Model 1-1/2 H&R .38 Rimfire SA revolver. Made circa 1878. Ser. # 465X. It is in spectacular museum-quality condition with 99.9% nickel, with just a light cylinder turn line. Appears new and unfired! The grips are in excellent condition with sharp checkering, two very small scratches, and some age-fading to brown. To the best of my knowldege, this revolver has not been refinished. (The factory markings all look crisp.) It looks like it just popped out of a time machine. I have never seen any revolver of this age (143 years old) still looking so close to “factory new.”  This could be the centerpiece for any advanced 19th Century pocket pistol collection. (UFBR-813)





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