Scarce SAKO Mosin M39 “SKY” Finn on an 1896 Antique Receiver

A scarce pre-1899 M39 Finnish Mosin in exceptionally nice — near excellent — condition. It has the desirable Gear Logo “S” marking on the barrel indicating the 1942-dated barrel was manufactured by famed Finnish arms manufacturer SAKO. (Suojeluskuntain Ase- ja Konepaja Oy, “Civil Guard Gun and Machining Works Ltd.”)  This is a scarce Finnish civil guard contract rifle — one of just 10,588 rifles. This rifle has a mostly worn finish, but it has a shiny bore with no pitting. The receiver — which is dated “96” (1896) on top of the tang — has been force-matched to the barrel, apparently by the importer. (Serial # 50387X in a small pixel-dot font, just like the import mark.)  Bolt and barrel and barrel numbers match the receiver! That is quite uncommon for arsenal re-worked M39 Finns. It has a very small import mark on the bottom of the barrel. This marking is hard to spot unless you look closely.  The bolt has profuse Cyrillic ordnance inspection markings. The stock has a typical non-threatening crack from the buttplate screw. (See photos.) The stock has a prominent stylized “S” Civil Guard acceptance cartouche! (HNIC-896)





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