Scarce Pre-1899 Schmidt-Rubin M1896/11 Rifle, 7.5 Swiss — Nice Wood!

A scarce Pre-1899 Swiss M1896/11 rifle with Hammerli barrel! This 7.5×55 Schmidt-Rubin straight pull long rifle is in particularly nice condition. 30.7” barrel, blued finish, hardwood stock, blade front sight and adjustable tangent rear sight. Marked on receiver, barrel, right side buttstock, and small parts with Swiss cross.  This M1896/11 has particularly nice condition wood. This rifle’s serial number (23521X  P) places its date of manufacture in late-1898. (They must have a serial # under 236,500 to be legally antique.) The “P” serial # suffix indicates “Privat”  — a Swiss military service rifle that was privatized when a Swiss militiaman retired. Barrel is import-marked. (See photos.) Of all of the various Schmidt-Rubin straight-pull rifle variants, it is only the Model 1896  that is both Federally antique, yet also rated to safely handle the high pressure 7.5×55  GP11 cartridge and modern commercial cartridges. I’ll leave the treasure hunt for a possible soldier’s name tag under the buttplate up to you.

Some condition details: Has an excellent-looking walnut stock. The overall condition of the rifle is great. The stock itself is full of color and has much of its original finish still intact. There are a few light scratches and scuff marks which were likely due to storage or transportation in Switzerland. None of these blemishes are deeper than surface level. Interestingly, there is what appears to be a black line going up and down just left of the left-hand side of the receiver. At first glance, it looked like a crack or a score. However, feeling it and inspecting it looks more like paint or maybe even a stitch for the stock. The bluing on the rifle is solid and about 90% in its original condition. The straight-pull action feels buttery smooth and the bolt looks great with a great bolt face. The Swiss Bakelite grips look to be in good shape full of color. The inside part of the top bakelite grip has a deep crack but the grips are firm with no wiggle. The springs feel solid and healthy for the age of the rifle. The barrel is in pretty great shape for the age of the rifle. Strong lands and grooves but signs of pitting have occurred. There is a light frosting inside the barrel however it looks like most of the rust has been neutralized. Anything else may be remedied with a nylon brush and some oils. ALL SERIAL NUMBERS EXCEPT STOCK MATCH. Keep in mind the stock will never match the rest of the rifle, because the 96/11 takes the Swiss model 1896 stock and puts the model 1911 action into it hence the grafted pistol grip section in the stock. According to this 96/11s serial number, it was produced in late 1898 by Waffenfabrik Bern.
“H” (Barrel)- Hammerli Barrel
“+M” (Receiver) – Major Mühlemann
“B” (Barrel)- 1911 shooting test pass
P.35 (Receiver) – Privatized 1935
Pressure Proof test pass
Shooting test pass

(KCSF-796) Sold on 8 April 2022 to Brian G. for a negotiated price of 29 VG grade Morgan silver dollars (worth $30 each hence $870 FRNs.)





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