Scarce Brass Frame Pietta M1858 Remington .44 BP, With 12.1″ Barrel

A scarce brass frame Pietta M1858 Remington replica .44 blackpowder revolver with 12.1″ octagonal barrel and squared-off target sights.  The frame is notched to accept detachable buttstock.  (Those are widely available.) This variant with the long barrel has not been produced or imported for many years, and they are much sought-after. This revolver has just few handling marks and slight  brass toning. (See photos.) Otherwise, it is in excellent condition.  This should make a great practical shooter or display piece. Pietta M1858s can be very accurate! Conversion cylinders for .45 Colt are made by two different companies and are widely available. (PGAS-888)





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